DEMIGOD!? “Black Beast”
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DEMIGOD!? “Janus Portunus”
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‘Demigod!?’ are a series of self produced resin figures. Based on a module peg system, head, torso and legs as well as limbs and eyeballs are freely interchangeable between characters. Torsos can be stacked to create ‘Omega Mutants!?’.

As the universe and lore grows, so will the customisation possibilities for personal characters and tales as character traits and attributes are matched and mixed to the will and imagination of the hands that command them.


The ‘Demigods’ are mostly unknown entities. Their presence not well recorded in world history. Their tale yet undocumented, they stand enigmas. Threat or guardians? Or perhaps both?

One attribute seems to have been undisputedly documented, their ability to mutate with others, thus altering their appearance and attributes.

What secrets will be revealed as the tale of these mystical creatures unravels?