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Donovan is a project that was around half a decade in the making. Starting in early 2010 and culminating in a bronzecasting in 2015. It has been my introduction to sculpting, a whole new approach to character design, my transition from 2d to 3d, from my background in illustration and graphic design and to an approach closer to that of an artist.

Donovan ultimately is me or at least a part of me. An Alien trying to fit in to his surroundings with his given presets. Fascinated by the world and innocently unaware of the mechanics of the people and society around him. His appearance and presence does not always match or support his mindset and feelings and thus he is often misunderstood or perhaps rather, misconceived and he often gets himself into awkward situations. Standing stoic and pure in mind and intention, good usually comes of all in the end…


“Donnie is an Extraterrestrial like any other. He has found his way to the blue planet earth. Eager to fit in, he mimics the human frame best he can. He himself lacking both terrestrial organs and digestive system he is prone to involuntary mutations. Still he tries his best to look slick, seeking friends and interaction with females of the species.”


Donovan often finds himself in awkward situations and in clinch with his surroundings due to the nature of his being and his dispositions. These situations will be taled (the telling of tales) in a series of scenarios and installations. Small tales of morale and differences and of people and beings coming together. Following the many incarnations and states of Donovan’s being and of his transgressions and ascendance by way of mutation.


Name variation of Adonis.

Ever-youthful vegetation god, Archtype of youth.
In a constant cycle of death and rebirth.

The ‘Iliac Furrow’, Muscle set. Running from the Iliac Crest (hip bone) to the Pubis.
A visual focal point on Bodybuilders and Athletes.

Dysmorphic disorder in which a person becomes obsessed with building muscle mass to the point where it impacts interaction with others and self-image.

An Alien on Earth. In an eternal cycle of changing states, trying his best to fit in. Journeying to find his place in the world.